Great Union jobs available now at PG&E

PG&E is looking to hire over 100 Engineering Estimators through the ESC Local 20 Hiring Hall.  This is a terrific union job doing planning, design, and drafting for the PG&E electrical system.  Engineering Estimators do job sketches, site plans and cost estimates for poles, wires, underground vaults and cables, and learn all the details of the electric system, as well as helping to coordinate construction work on the facilities.

Hiring Hall Estimator positions pay $39.52 per hour ($76,000/year), are eligible for overtime, and come with the option for medical benefits or a stipend of $8.22/hour in lieu of benefits.   Placements are temporary but usually for one year or more, and many ESC Local 20 members have moved into permanent positions at PG&E after starting in the Hiring Hall.  No prior experience is necessary; on-the-job training is provided to qualified applicants.  Work locations are in Auburn, Concord, Fresno, San Francisco, Santa Rosa, San Jose, Stockton, and West Sacramento.

Applicants must have one (or more) of the following qualifications:

  • a Bachelor's degree in an engineering, science, or math discipline from a recognized college; or
  • AutoCAD Certification  ("AutoDesk Certified User" or higher); or
  • Two-year AA/AS degree in Design/Drafting ; or
  • Two years of experience in the design/drafting fields

If you know anyone who has this kind of experience and training, please encourage them to apply immediately.  This can be done by submitting an application and resume to  Applicants who have the required education or experience will be contacted immediately to begin a pre-employment testing process.

ESC-PG&E Estimator Job Posting March-April 2019

PG&E HH NewApplication 2019