A strong majority of Advanced Practice Clinicians have spoken in support of a voice at work with the Engineers and Scientists of California Local 20, IFPTE.  Like other professionals, APCs are seeking an equal seat at the table on wages, benefits, patient care, and scope of practice issues through ESC Local 20.

We should be proud of our dedication and perseverance to get to this point.  These efforts will not only improve our work lives and those of our families but also positively impact patient care.


Bargaining Update, August 17: Federal Mediation Begins; More Tentative Agreements Reached

Bargaining Update, July 27: Mediation Process To Begin

How Does the Negotiating Process Work?

A bargaining team made up of APCs and an experienced Chief Negotiator will sit at the negotiating table as equals with PAMF management.  The negotiation process will be guided by the top priorities identified on the bargaining surveys.

No one knows exactly how long it will take to reach a fair agreement but legally PAMF cannot make changes to our wages, hours, or other terms and conditions of employment without negotiating with us during this time. Once an agreement is reached, all union members covered under the tentative agreement will have a chance to vote on whether or not to accept it.

The negotiations process is governed by federal and state laws that require management to negotiate in good faith and outlines a mediation process if an agreement cannot be reached.  Your bargaining team will work hard to get the best possible contract possible but the real power at the bargaining table comes from a strong, united membership. 

Check back often for the latest news from the bargaining table and to find past bargaining updates.