Below are Letters of Agreements (LOA’s), Memorandums of Understanding (MOU’s – which are essentially the same as LOA’s), and Review Committee decisions (RC’s) from the current and previous contract cycles.  For other documents and historical research, consult the ESC PG&E steward database or contact your Union Rep.

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LOA 15-29 GT Mapping Retention Program

Provides bonus pay of 6-11% for 12-24 month commitments to stay in Gas Transmission Mapping.

LOA 16-02 Electric DE Reorganization Relocation Incentives

Prioritizes the bids to DE vacancies in Sacramento for the DE’s affected by the upcoming re-organization.

LOA 16-03 Superbowl City Office Accommodations

Allows employees at General Office to work remotely due to closure of Market St. by “Superbowl City.”

LOA 16-04 Mapping Subject Matter (SME) Experts

One-year pilot of “SME assignments” for Mappers: Establish a process for posting SME opportunities, selection of SME’s, and allow SME’s to do upgraded and bargaining unit work at the same time and receive upgraded pay.

LOA 16-05 Changes To Educational Assistance (Exhibit E)

Updates to the Tuition Reimbursement program.

LOA 16-06 Mapping System Center Temporary Provisions

Due to the shortage of Expert Mappers, this allows for upgrades of Routine Mappers under certain conditions.

LOA 16-07 Electric Distribution Engineer Reorganization and Relocation

Reduces Electric Planning DE’s locations down to four offices, although some incumbents in specific remote offices will stay behind. Also provides incentives for current DE’s to relocate sooner.

LOA 16-08 Contract Cleanup

Provides blackline markup of contract to incorporate numerous LOA’s into the main contract.

LOA 16-12 Gas Transmission Mapping Pipeline Features Lists

Permits expanded use of contractors to do Mapping work. Company commits to more hiring in GT Mapping and to bring work on Pipeline Features Lists in-house, using “Field Design Engineer” classification initially.

LOA 16-17 R1 Permit Facilitator

A one-year pilot program that creates a new “role” of Permit Facilitator to be filled by either Sr Estimators or Sr FET’s. Provides job description and unique posting and interview system to fill these positions.